I'm Luca Pizzoni and this is my



Annotation Editor

Feature Complete of ExB's Web Annotation Editor, an internal tool used by Data Curators to create linguistic annotations.

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Concept for ExB's Web Annotation EditorTime Dialog Concept for ExB's Web Annotation Editor
Design of modboxing app "Hexa Tiles"Design of modboxing app "Hexa Tiles"

Hexa Tiles

Design of a boxing app that can be connected to smart tiles in order to track the training performance.

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UI Toolkit

Revise ExB's UI Toolkit to improve the workflow of designers and developers and make the design more consistent.

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Buttons and Indicators of ExB's UI ToolkitInput Fields of ExB's UI Toolkit
"Good grades?" data visualization"Good grades?" data visualization sketch

Good grades?

Data visualization of factors that might influence the grades of students at my university.

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